Recruiting Accountants

Recruiting Accountants

Specialist Focus + Unmatched Network of Candidates = Proven Success

CFO / Finance Director / Financial Controller / Finance Manager / Financial Analysts / Qualified Accountants

Why Use Goodwin Recruit?

Deal Direct with the Founder and Director of our Firm
Recruitment of accounting roles is undertaken personally by Our Founder Chartered Accountant Peter Goodwin.
You won’t be dealing with an “Associate or Junior Consultant” during the process.
Add in Peter’s success in recruiting over 400 accounting roles for Adelaide organisations and it is easy to see why our clients trust us to recruit their accounting roles.

Without peer in recruitment of Accounting roles in Adelaide is Peter Goodwin’s unique combination of;

  • accounting qualifications,
  • long term specialisation and proven success in recruitment of accounting roles,
  • experience working as an accountant and
  • proven ability to add value during the recruitment process
“You can learn from another person’s experience but you only get
true wisdom from doing it yourself”
– Author Unknown

Unmatched Network of Potential Candidates
Our Founder and Director Perter Goodwin has an unmatched network of finance & accounting professionals at all levels of experience & seniority in Adelaide.

Over his 14 years recruiting Accounting roles in Adelaide, our Director Peter Goodwin has conducted over 5,000 interviews with candidates across all levels in accounting functions across a wide range of Adelaide based businesses.
He is talking with and meeting everyday people at all levels of an organisations accounting and finance function.

This network of potential candidates and insight into the career progression of many of these candidates is invaluable to any employer who wants to be sure that all relevant candidates are identified and approached to consider their vacancy.

Our Specialist Focus Brings Exceptional Results for our Clients
If the recruiter you are using is a generalist recruiter who has not specialised in recruitment in niche fields in Adelaide over many years and is not talking on a daily basis to the people that work in these roles then it is impossible for your recruiter to have the necessary contacts to ensure that all relevant candidates are identified and approached to consider your role. (Would you go to your local doctor to perform open heart surgery?).

Our Proven Ability to Provide Advice and Insights that Add Value
Our Director and Founder Peter Goodwin is a Chartered Accountant who prior to commencing his recruitment career over 14 years ago, worked as an accountant across several industries, this experience enables him to quickly understand the specifics of accounting roles clients wish to recruit.

This first hand insight and understanding of the responsibilities and tasks undertaken in various accounting roles, means that our clients will always be presented with relevant candidates, this not only saves our clients time but clients benefit from the insights Peter is able to provide during the recruitment process.

Questions to ask before recruiting accounting roles

  1. Does your recruiter have the professional connections and contacts that will enable them to access all relevant candidates?
  2. Does your recruitment consultant have the subject matter knowledge and experience to provide you with genuine consulting advice including feedback covering suitability of salary, position description and other areas that will potentially affect the recruitment outcome?
  3. If you are recruiting finance and accounting roles;
    • How many of these roles has your recruitment consultant personally recruited in Adelaide?
    • How long has your recruitment consultant specialised in recruitment of finance and accounting roles in Adelaide?
    • Is your recruiter speaking to finance professionals all day every day?
    • Does your recruiter really understand the tasks undertaken by the various roles in the accounting & finance team?
  4. Will your recruitment consultant offer you a replacement guarantee period of up to 24 months?
Expert Knowledge + Trusted Advice = Proven Results
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