Recruitment of Chief Financial Officers (CFO’s)

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Recruitment of Chief Financial Officers (CFO’s)

We have proven expertise and success over an extended period in recruitment of the leadership roles in the Accounting & Finance Teams for South Australian organisations.

The title of these roles will vary across businesses and could include Finance Director, Chief Financial Officer, Financial Controller, Finance Manager, Commercial Manager.

Our Consultants Experience

Our Director Peter Goodwin will undertake all Consulting activities for recruitment of CFO roles.

Peter has a recruitment career spanning over 16 years in Adelaide with a specialist focus in recruitment of Finance & Accounting roles.

Over his recruitment career Peter has recruited over 450 Accounting roles and over sixty roles at the CFO, Finance Director, Financial Controller, Finance Manager & Commercial Manager level.

In addition to holding Chartered Accounting qualifications, Peter has professional relationships extending over a 25 year period with many people in Senior Finance positions in Adelaide.

Our Network of Contacts

Peter Goodwin’s experience & success in the recruitment of CFO roles combined with the networks he has established from specialising in recruitment of these roles for over 16 years and his membership of Chartered Accountants Australia/NZ, provides our clients with the benefits of an unmatched network of contacts comprising both existing CFOs and aspiring CFO’s.

It is these contacts and networks that have proven to be invaluable to our clients by enabling efficient and timely sourcing of relevant candidates.

“The experience & knowledge I have gained across my career including;

  • working as a Chartered Accountant in several businesses before commencing my career in recruitment,
  • the recruitment of over 450 accounting roles in Adelaide
  • the daily discussions I have with Senior Finance Executives
  • the knowledge gained from the ongoing professional development undertaken to maintain my Chartered Accountant qualification,

all combine to give me unique insight into the challenges faced by individual CFO’s and the skills they have developed in meeting these challenges.”

– Peter Goodwin CA, GAICD – Director Goodwin Recruit

“In the 16 years I have specialised in recruitment of Finance & Accounting roles in Adelaide I have met many of the potential candidates for CFO roles we are recruiting, these individuals are often in a CFO roles or aspire to a CFO role. In many cases I also have met the direct reports or upline managers of these candidates, providing me with unique insight into the capabilities of potential CFO’s.

“These insights have repeatedly enabled me to provide clients with credible insight, advice and feedback during the recruitment process to assist my clients select the candidate with the most appropriate experience and soft skills given the strategic direction and culture of my client’s business.”

– Peter Goodwin CA, GAICD – Director Goodwin Recruit