Our Promise

Our Promise

“We believe the number one factor affecting the success
of any organisation is the quality of its people.

We are committed to helping South Australian organisations succeed on the national and world stage by helping them recruit the best available people.”

Our Promise to Our Clients

We promise the following to all organisations that retain our services;

  • We will present our clients with candidates that are clearly relevant to the role being recruited
  • All candidates will be fully briefed on the role and the organisation before meeting with our clients and will understand the requirements, challenges and opportunities provided by the role and the organisation
  • We will ensure our clients have considered all possibilities, risks and opportunities relevant to each candidate
  • We will represent our clients professionally and as an extension of their business to ensure our clients brand and reputation are protected at all costs
  • We guarantee the highest level of confidentiality
  • We will not give up until we have sourced a candidate our client is happy with

In return we ask that our clients make the time to provide us with thoughtful feedback on candidates shortlisted or interviewed, this feedback is crucial for us to identify the best candidate for each role.