Why Engage Us?

Why Engage Us?

Expert Knowledge + Trusted Advice = Proven Results

“I have utilised Peter’s services over the last several years. Peter’s approach to understanding an employer’s recruitment needs is the best I have encountered in my many years recruiting staff. He invests the time and effort to really understand; my business, the position that I need to fill and my future plans for the role, so that he can precisely target the required candidate attributes.”

– Joe De Gennaro – Managing Director Heathgate Resources

  1. We Get Results

    We have demonstrated many times over a long period our ability to source exceptional candidates utilising our networks & research capabilities.

  2. Deal Direct with the Founder and Director of our Firm

    Recruitment of senior roles is undertaken personally by our Director Peter Goodwin. Our clients won’t be dealing with an “Associate” or “Junior Consultant” during the process.

    Our clients will therefore benefit from the insights and knowledge gained by Peter Goodwin over his twenty year recruitment career.

  3. We have expert knowledge

    If you are recruiting a CFO or Accounting role you will benefit from the expert subject knowledge & insights of our Director Peter Goodwin (CA), including the innate understanding he has of the background & skills required for specific roles and how the skills candidates have gained from their past experiences could translate to your vacancy.

    Peter Goodwin’s expert knowledge has been gained from

    • 20 years’ experience recruiting roles making up the Accounting & Finance function for South Australian organisations
    • recruiting over 100 leadership roles in the Accounting & Finance function (CFO, Finance Director, Financial Controller, Finance Manager)
    • recruiting over 500 Accounting roles
    • the unmatched networks of potential candidates for roles in the Accounting function Peter Goodwin has established over his 25 year professional career
    • working as a Chartered Accountant for a range of business prior to his recruitment career

    Refer linkedin.com/in/peterggoodwin

    “The contacts and networks I have built over a 25 year professional career in Adelaide, firstly qualifying and working as a Chartered Accountant, followed by 20 years as a Recruitment Consultant in Adelaide, have provided enormous benefit to my clients in ensuring the efficient and timely sourcing of relevant candidates.”
    – Peter Goodwin – Director Goodwin Recruit click here for details

  4. We Have Walked In Your shoes

    Our Consultants have worked in businesses across Professional Services, Oil & Gas, Distribution/FMCG, Defence, Professional Sports Clubs, Aviation, Building Supplies and have founded or been involved in start up businesses in Professional Services, Consulting, Food Retail and Sporting Goods Distribution & Building Supplies.

    We understand the challenges faced by business owners & managers and the different skill sets required at different stages of a business’s life.

    The knowledge and insights that this experience brings is a valuable resource for our clients to leverage.

  5. Our Bespoke And Personal Approach

    We tailor our recruitment approach to best meet the specific needs of each client and the role, for example unlike some recruitment firms we do not recommend costly Press Advertising as a standard component of all recruitment assignments.

  6. We are Proactive

    We will always go the extra step to ensure that we have identified all relevant candidates and will seek out opportunities to add value in our dealings with our clients and candidates.

  7. We Are Trusted By Candidates

    Credibility and reputation of the recruitment consultant are key to the success of any recruitment assignment. We have a reputation with candidates for providing proactive advice that can be trusted and gets results, as a result candidates are more likely to proceed with roles we discuss with them.

    “Having worked over thirty years, both in Australia and the UK, I have never met a more dedicated and enthusiastic recruiter than Peter Goodwin.

    “Peter, unlike the average recruiter, takes a personal interest in his candidates and from my own personal experience, he spent invaluable time to get to know my skill set and experiences. This attention particularly around my CV presentation, had an immediate effect of my placement with a reputable Medical Facility. Peter has a unique and in-depth knowledge of the Adelaide employment market.” – Jason Mallon CA – Business Manager

  8. Access To Candidates Not Registered With Other Recruiters

    Our ability to generate quality candidates via referrals gives our clients access to candidates not actively looking for a new role and therefore not progressed with other roles.

  9. Efficient & Timely Sourcing of Candidates

    Our database and network has given us the ability to consistently source relevant candidates in a short time period.

  10. Choose Your Preferred Replacement Guarantee Period

    We offer the option for our clients to select the replacement guarantee period that best fits their needs and minimises the risk to them.