“I am writing to express my sincere gratitude and wholeheartedly recommend the exceptional recruitment services provided by Peter Goodwin at Goodwin Recruit. As a candidate who recently benefited from your services, I am compelled to share my positive experience.

From our initial interaction to the successful placement in my current position, I was thoroughly impressed by the professionalism, dedication, and expertise demonstrated by Peter Goodwin at Goodwin Recruit.

What stood out to me was the personalised approach Peter adopted, took the time to understand my unique skill set, preferences, and career aspirations. Peter genuinely cared about finding a role that was not only a great fit for the employer but also for me.

The professionalism and transparency exhibited by Peter is exemplary. He kept me well-informed at every stage of the recruitment process, providing regular updates and timely feedback. His guidance, encouragement, and interview preparation were instrumental in helping me secure my current position.”
– Manoj Kuncheria – Financial Controller (Nov 2023)

“Peter has an in-depth knowledge of the accounting and finance sector in Adelaide which he used in ensuring that I secured my new role with one of the top tier employers in South Australia. He assessed my resume and was able to provide me with valuable advice in putting forward my transferable skills into the application for this new role.

He gave me lots of great tips which assisted me in achieving a successful outcome at the various interview stages. He proactively followed up with the prospective employer after each interview and gave me prompt feedback on my performance.

He was also very efficient in conducting the reference checks and all other pre-employment checks which ensured that my new employer was able to conclude the recruitment process in good time. I will highly recommend Peter to anyone looking for a role within the accounting and finance sector.”
– Tayo Erhirhi – Senior Financial Analyst (June 23)

“I would recommend Peter Goodwin to both employers and prospective job seekers, as a preferred executive recruiter. In my experience he works tirelessly towards a good outcome for all parties.

Both screening the candidate and also vouching for the quality candidates he shortlists. For example, Peter found a role that I was perfectly suited for providing the next step in my career and negotiated a great salary package for myself whilst also considering the unique recruitment needs of the organisation that I now am employed by. Peter also helped me hone aspects of my CV to make it even more pertinent than it had been previously”
– Michael Schmitz – Commercial Accountant (Feb 23)

“Peter assisted me to obtain 2 positions in the last 5 years. He is very knowledgeable in the recruitment arena and always have good advise. He assists you through the whole process and keeps you up to date.

I strongly recommend Peter Goodwin for your next job search.”
– Belinda Smith, Finance Manager (Sept 2022)

“I am very grateful for Peter’s professional approach in finding me the best opportunity identifying my skills and strengths. I was looking to return to work after a maternity break and was not ready to start immediately. But Peter supported me and encouraged me to start within a short period. I was recruited as a Contract Accountant and within three months, I was able to secure a permanent position in the same company.

He is a very resourceful, well connected and a humble person to deal with. I would recommend him as one of the best recruiters who will support to secure an employment opportunity. ”
– Ruwanthi Dissanayake – Accountant (Aug 2022)

“As a new immigrant, I applied for several jobs including those below my experience and skills, but I couldn’t find a job that can help me achieve my career objectives. This was so frustrating since I had invested so much in my career.

When I met Peter following one of the applications I had made, he invested the time to understand my strengths and career objectives, advised me on how I can structure my CV to reflect my skills, and he placed me in a suitable position as a cost accountant in a reputable company.

What makes him exceptional compared to other recruiters I have ever come across in Australia is that he really understands the finance/accounting industry which makes it easy for him to identify roles suitable for the candidates based on their experience. I would highly recommend Peter.”
– Moses Abaho, Cost Accountant (July 2022)

“Peter – apologies for the informal approach. We spoke recently when you were conducting a candidate reference check.

I was impressed with the manner in which you conducted yourself through that process – I have extensive experience with people from your field and most are quite “vanilla” and box ticking in their approach to reference checking and understanding candidates. You left a positive impression.”
– Managing Director, IT Solutions Provider

“Peter gave me some great advice on how to adapt my CV to the Adelaide market. He took the time to meet me in person to understand my background, and helped me present my skills in the best possible way for the positions I was targeting. I was able to secure a role shortly after thanks to his advice.

Peter will be the first person I contact if I find myself looking for a new role in the future.”
– Victor Dias – Senior Financial Accountant (July 21)

“Peter is the sort of recruiter I would be happy to recommend to anyone. Having been on the contract round-about for many years and looking for permanent work I came across Peter who was very engaging and took the time to get to know my skills and what it was I was looking for. I first met Peter 2 years ago and recently he contacted me about a job that he thought matched my skillset and my career aspirations.

He took the time to assist with background information of the client and insight to the sort of areas to revise before the interview. He was engaging throughout the entire process and kept in touch at every step of the way.

I am now happily employed in the role I have been looking for, on an ongoing basis and have to thank Peter for his service in assisting me to achieve this. I highly recommend the use of his services.”
– Jodie Hoff – Senior Financial Analyst (June 2021)

“Peter helped me identify key strengths in my 20+ years experience and provided hands on support to develop a CV that effectively communicated my value proposition to potential employers.

His insights and support assisted me in taking the next step in my career as an Analyst.”
– Daniel Wentzel – Consultant Supply Chaon Operations (June 2021)

“Peter is one of the most resourceful recruiters in Adelaide. Peter identified that I was not being remunerated in line with my skills & experience and he was quickly able to identify a business that may be interested in my experience. Within a short period Peter was able to arrange an interview and negotiate a salary that recognised my skills and experience.

I am very pleased with the way he identified my requirements and career goals as he read through my resume and connecting me with the employers who are right fits. Peter has got a superb employer network in the filed of Finance, Accounting and Business Analysis and is a trusted name among the employers.

Peter is easy and quick to deal with and the processes set are very efficient.”
– Heshan Hettiarachchi – Commercial Analyst (March 2021)

“Before I met Peter I had a really poor reply rate from my applications, working abroad for several years across multiple nations, Peters advice and knowledge of how I should structure my CV and ‘get across my story’ was in essence what allowed me to get my foot into the door during COVID.

A pleasure to deal with, high levels of energy and enthusiasm, and most importantly his focus is on helping you.”
– James Reece Baird – Finance Manager (August 2020)

“Having worked for over thirty years, both in Australia and the UK, I have never met a more dedicated and enthusiastic recruiter than Peter Goodwin.

Peter was instrumental in starting my career in Adelaide, after having moved from interstate. Peter, unlike the average recruiter, takes a personal interest in his candidates and from my own personal experience, he spent invaluable time to get to know my skill set and experiences. This attention particularly around my CV presentation, had an immediate effect of my placement with a reputable Medical Facility based on the edge of the CBD. Peter has a unique and in-depth knowledge of the Adelaide employment market, making him Adelaide’s best recruitment agent.”
– Jason Mallon CA, Business Manager (June 2020)


“Peter is that rare breed of recruiter who takes the time to get to know the candidate and add value to the recruitment process with his intimate knowledge of the Adelaide employment market and his ability to build relationships based on integrity.

He took the time to meet, made recommendations on how to adapt my CV to adequately reflect my skill-set, then ensured that I was matched with a role that best suited those skills and experience. Throughout the process his communication was transparent, candid and based on a win-win approach for both myself and the respective employer. I highly recommend Peter’s services to both job-seeker’s and employers.”
– Craig Adams, Team Lead Downer (May 2020)


“It was a pleasure to meet Peter when I first moved to Adelaide and was looking for employment in the finance and accounting field. With Peter’s expertise and expansive network of professionals, I was able to find my first role in Adelaide as a casual employee and later was fortunate enough to secure a permanent role in the same organisation with his immense support.

Not only do I appreciate the guidance and advice received from Peter on my resume and building confidence in presenting myself in the employment market but also for taking the time to identify my skillset and matching them with prospective job openings. I thank Peter for all his efforts and I would not hesitate to contact him again should the need arises.”
– Sonali Sandanayake, Accountant Flinders University (May 2020)


Having been in the market looking for permanent employment I was referred to Peter by a former colleague. Immediately what struck me of Peter was not only his attention to detail in understanding my career and skill set, but also ensuring I presented my career professionally through my resume and interview process. His advice was priceless considering I hadn’t been in the employment market for almost 10 years.

Peter was also very keen to meet me in person. We not only spoke openly about my career and market opportunities, but salary expectations. His market knowledge of salaries ensured I pitched myself with an accurate salary expectation. This was most impressive as dealings with other recruitment consultants suggested setting a lower expectation for myself.

As we progressed through the recruitment process I found Peter to be very open and honest in all his communication. He would contact me in a timely manner and at the interview stage ensured I was well informed of the role and key aspects of my experience was most relevant to the role.

Above all, Peter is a very experienced recruitment consultant across all levels of the finance and accounting function. I highly recommend him to any potential candidate or employers.
– Kosta Sotiropoulos, Business Development Analyst (August 2017)


When I moved to Adelaide other recruiters did not take the time to meet me to gain a better understanding of my skills. Not only did Peter meet me shortly after receiving my application but he understood my skills and experience and was able to give me good advice on what extra information I should include on my CV to increase my chances of a successful application. I would highly recommend Peter’s services to any professional seeking a new role.
Antonio Fernando,  Senior Analyst (August 2016)


Peter is an expert in his field – a model recruiter. He has immense interest and knowledge in his work, coupled with enthusiasm, professionalism and commitment. He takes time to understand both the organisational culture and the nuances of a particular role, as well as the personality and skill set of the applicant. This, together with his experience as a CA allows him to match the ideal candidate with the right job.

He was the most thorough recruiter I met with, asking far and beyond the standard recruitment questions. I found him approachable and professional and felt he genuinely cared. I was reasonably fussy with the job I wanted but he supported me in all my efforts and applications and I would highly recommend him.”
Rhoda Collins, Senior Accountant (May 2015)


Peter is one of the best recruiters that I have ever came across. After meeting-up with him, he knows exactly what my talents / abilities are. He then works on finding open positions / job opportunities that best match my skills set. He follows-up closely with the hiring company on the progress and keeps me updated throughout the whole recruiting process. I have no doubt recommending Peter as the best recruiter in Adelaide.
– Ivan Hor, Finance Manager (May 2015)


“Peter, I want to let you know how much I appreciated your help. Especially the extra effort you made at the beginning to meet with me and give me advice about handling myself in the employment market and making my CV a winner. Within moments you took me from being a stranger to what felt like a friend for 20 years. You conveyed trust, and confidence that you could find a place for me. At the same time you were straight with me about what I needed to do. You followed through on your first impressions and kept me informed on every step of the way. I would recommend you as Recruitment Consultant to anyone.”
Michael Deering – Management Accountant Anglicare (Aug 2014)


“I have recruited two team members through Goodwin Recruit in the past 12 months. Peter has been very thorough in understanding our requirements prior to commencing the recruitment process. He has taken time to meet and understand each candidate he has presented, briefing them on the nature of the role and providing us with a sound assessment of their attributes. We have been impressed with the range of candidates Peter has presented us with which has provided us with a good selection to choose from. As a consequence, we have recruited some experienced and proactive people who have enhanced out Team. Peter has always been responsive throughout the recruitment processes, and I would be happy to recommend him to anyone looking to recruit a finance professional in Adelaide.”
Alexander Brown – Senior Business Partner Adelaide City Council (July 2013)


“I have utilised Peter’s services as both a hiring employer and a candidate over the last several years. Peter’s approach to understanding an employer’s recruitment needs is the best I have encountered in my many years recruiting staff. He invests the time and effort to really understand; my business, the position that I need to fill and my future plans for the role, so that he can precisely target the required candidate attributes for current and future requisites. Peter’s attitude and respect shown towards both the candidates and clients reflects his professionalism and expertise in marrying candidates’ skills to clients’ requirements. I highly recommend Peter’s services to both candidates and employers alike.”
Joe De Gennaro – Finance Director (April 2013)


“Arriving in a new country that you want to make your home and to find suitable work is challenging on it’s own. With Peter’s great knowledge about the local industry and personal dedication, everything went smoothly. With his assistance, I was able to find a position that I enjoy and currently grow in. I firmly believe that this would not have materialised, if I had to do it all on my own. The service I received was of exceptional quality, with personal guidance every step of the way. I can highly recommend Peter’s services to any professional job seeker.”
Annette Van Zul – Costing Analyst (January 2013)


“I am a new migrant in Adelaide and job hunting has been challenging due to my semi-recognized qualification and absence of local experience. Despite this, Peter took time to talk to me, understood what I can do, and recognized that I have relevant qualifications which employers may not realize just looking at my CV. With his expertise and connections, he was able to find me an employer, which like him, trusted that I can contribute to the company. I would recommend Peter’s services because he opens doors of exciting opportunities.”
Malou Pajimola-Ago Management Accountant (November 2012)


“Peter placed me in my first role with an Australian organisation. With him, I was not just another name on a database, rather his personal service and ability to understand the detail behind my previous experience in international accounting and systems roles helped secure a role quickly. He kept me informed and communicated with me regularly and his efforts rendered an exceptional level of service”
Joan Cripwell, CA – (June 2012)


“Peter was focused on finding me a position that suited me rather than pushing me into the first job that came along. His knowledge of the industry and the lengths he went to help never ceased to amaze me. I will definitely use Peter again and would recommend him to everyone.”
Alan Ogden, CA- Tax Accountant Accolade Wines (May 2012)


“I was very impressed with the quality of service I have received from Peter. Peter is reliable, efficient and professional recruiter. I have been pleased with the regular contact and appreciated fast service. Would definitely recommend to my friends.”
Jozef Kapral – Financial Accountant Accolade Wines (April 2012)


“I have dealt with a number of agencies and recruitment consultants over the last 3 months and the level of effort and application Peter was prepared to invest was far and beyond what I expected. Peter was professional, courteous, open and honest and I always felt that he was looking after my best interests in finding me a role that matched both me and the employer. Peter was also very helpful in assisting me move from the hospitality industry to an accounting position where I have enjoyed my new role as a Management Accountant. Peter’s help with showing me how to target my resume was a major reason I was initially short-listed for the position. I would like to personally thank him for all his efforts and professionalism.”
Michael Brown – Management Accountant Green Life Group (April 2012)


“Peter was very helpful and professional in his dealings with me. I landed in Australia as a migrant from UK and within a week, Peter had met me and fixed me up with an interview as a Project Accountant at ASC (Australia Submarine Corp) and gave me very useful hints/guidance that helped me secure the position. Peter clearly recognised my skills / abilities and matched them perfectly to the role. The job is going very well and I am very grateful for Peter’s help.”
David Alexander, CIMA – Project Accountant ASC (March 2012)


Peter is a consummate professional with his client’s interest at heart. His dedication to seeing a process through to a successful conclusion is second to none and it has been my privilege to have worked with Peter. I would highly recommend that any finance professional seeking an executive role get in contact with Peter.”
Donald Pierce, CPA – Commercial Manger IGA (CPA) (November 2011)


“Peter Goodwin is one of the most knowledgeable recruitment consultants in finance and accounting I have dealt with. I would like to thank Peter for his integrity, valued career advice and trustworthy judgment. I look forward to working with Peter more in the future. I highly recommend his services to people at all stages of their career.”
Cos Cirocco CPA – Senior Accountant (November 2011)


“Peter succeeded in identifying and successfully recruiting an excellent candidate within a short time period when other recruitment firms had failed over an extended period to fill this role within my company. Peter is an expert in the recruitment of senior finance staff.”
Matt Lang CA – Chief Financial Officer, Cobham Aviation (October 2010)


“I have known Peter professionally for a number of years and have found his expertise and industry knowledge to be unparalleled. An accomplished professional, especially within the Accounting and Executive related fields, Peter has demonstrated a strong dedication and commitment to his clients and coupled with a genuine and sincere belief in doing his absolute best at all times sets him apart from the pack.. In closing I would like to say that it isn’t very often that you come across many individuals in business that are genuinely professional, committed and excited as you are about getting the right result the first time. Peter is one of those scarce commodities in business that makes doing business, either has a client or as an individual, a pleasurable experience.”
Jeff Cornell Operations Manager – Inpak Foods (May 2010)


The outstanding recruitment consultant of my experience, Peter leaves no stone unturned in seeking out new positions for candidates.”
Gregg Hammond Senior Accountant – (October 2010)


“When I first moved to Adelaide, Peter was of great help to me. His insight, honesty and knowledge of the Adelaide job market were impressive and he was able to find me a very good job in no time. Peter is very trustworthy, reliable and has a large network of contacts who think highly of him. He also gave me valuable advice on my resume, the job market and my career going forward. Peter surpassed my expectations, and I would not hesitate to use his services again in the future.”
Charlotte van der Meersch – Brand Manager RAA (July 2010)


“I was fortunate enough to be placed through Peter’s firm in mid 2010. At a time when most recruiters were floundering, Peter quickly matched my skills and background with a fantastic role, and managed the process through to appointment seamlessly. His communication was never erring and always on the ball. I found Peter to be a total professional yet at the same time, remain personal and amiable. He conducts himself with the highest levels of integrity, and is somebody I would not hesitate to work with again as either a candidate or as a client. I cannot recommend Peter highly enough.”
Brian Ward CIMA – Regional Finance Manager, CooperVision (September 2010)


“Peter has an intimate understanding of the Adelaide financial scene with visibility over most senior commercial roles in the corporate environment. He has a proven ability to match high-calibre candidates against prospective market opportunities. I have been able to benefit as an individual and as an employer from Peter’s depth of experience, leveraging his proactive and insightful approach.”
Anthony Roberts CA – Managing Director, Lion Nathan Wine Group (October 2010)