Referral Rewards Program Terms & Conditions

Referral Rewards Program Terms & Conditions

Referral Of Candidates
For referring a candidate to Goodwin Recruit who is subsequently placed in a permanent or contract role with a client of Goodwin Recruit, you will receive a Referral Reward.

The Referral Reward is only payable if:

  • the referred candidate or the person making the referral (referrer) discloses at or before the initial meeting with Goodwin Recruit that they were referred by the referrer.
  • the referred candidate is placed in a permanent or contract role by Goodwin Recruit within six (6) months from the date their CV is received by Goodwin Recruit.
  • in the event the referred candidate is placed in a permanent role then the placed candidate is still employed in that role after the end of their probation period.
  • in the event the referred candidate is placed in a contract role the placed candidate is employed for a minimum period of 6 weeks in the contract.
  • the referred candidate submits a CV to Goodwin Recruit and meets with a representative from Goodwin Recruit within three months of the referred candidate’s cv being supplied to Goodwin Recruit.

In the event the referred candidate’s CV was already on the database of Goodwin Recruit prior to the referral to Goodwin Recruit, then a referral is deemed to have occurred only if a consultant from Goodwin Recruit has had no contact with the referred person within the previous six months (the submission of an application for a role or the submission of an updated cv to Goodwin Recruit will be regarded as contact with a consultant).

Value of Referral Reward
For referring a candidate or business to Goodwin Recruit where the conditions outlined above are met you will receive a $500 Voucher / Gift Card (referred to as the Referral Reward) for redemption at a participating South Australian owned retail business.

The Referral Reward Program Terms & Conditions including the amounts payable under the Referral Reward Program are subject to change without notice. The value of the Referral Reward payable will be the amount displayed on this website at the date the Referral Reward becomes payable.

Candidates Referred By Two Or More People:

If the referred candidate is referred to Goodwin Recruit by two or more people then the first person to supply the candidate’s name will be eligible for the Referral Reward.